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Editor Steven Gelsi's writing in Jacksonville, FL art publication iD Magazine's 1991 Yellow Edition:

“iD is defined as the mind’s driving force, the one that cries out for the satisfaction of primitive needs.  And is there any need greater than to express ourselves?  Crying out for expression, identifying ourselves, celebrating art and life and creativity are what iD’s all about.”

Daybreak17x17 mixed $500 S Harrington_edited.jpg
Steve G Photo_edited.jpg
Steven Gelsi

"Bringing Light in Dark Times:

Music and Art Connect People and Offer Hope"

By Steven Gelsi

"And we may always return to hope. Let's stay with that a minute. Light.  Art. Expression. Let's turn any city into a city of light."

"The Sunflowers Mural Will Never Wilt."

By Michael J. Beveridge

"Bloom Where You Are Planted" is now a Google Destination in Jacksonville, Florida's westside area, and is a highly recommended mural to view when you visit the historic Murray Hill neighborhood.  This landmark should be preserved for future generations to enjoy its beautiful and inspiring message.  You can help by signing a petition to save this impressive artwork!

Daybreak17x17 mixed $500 S Harrington_edited.jpg
kato sunflowers Mural9_02-630x400_edited
"Bloom Where You Are Planted."
(at the Corner of Edgewood Ave. & Post St. in Murray Hill)
Created by Mary Allegretti (At Left) and Brenda Kato Rase
Daybreak17x17 mixed $500 S Harrington_edited.jpg
Serenity by Keith Doles 20201003_104859_
"Serenity" by Keith Doles

Michael J. Beveridge, in this intriguing exchange, delves into the world of local artist Keith Doles. Through their conversation, they uncover Doles' remarkable talents, explore the depths of his creative mind, and gain insights into his rich history and the mentors who shaped his artistic journey.

"An Artist's Perspective:

A conversation with renowned Jacksonville artist

Keith Doles"

By Michael J. Beveridge

jacksonville from above 2160p
Daybreak17x17 mixed $500 S Harrington_edited.jpg

A City of

The arts organization A City of Expression aimed to build bridges between all communities within Jacksonville and created art events teamed with iD Magazine editions that helped to accomplish this mission. 


The art publication's early 1990s issues were printed on colored paper and are known simply as the Yellow, Red, and Green Editions. Please read these iD Magazine issues from the navigation menu.

Yellow Edition Jax offers another look at the roots of A City of Expression and contains enlightening messages of hope.

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This background image "Daybreak" by Sandy Harrington used throughout this website has been SOLD. Her current artwork is displayed at Aviles Gallery in St Augustine, Florida.

"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets."

- Ludwig van Beethoven

Our sister magazine: Pink Edition Jax and are coming by Valentine's Day 2025!

How About a Little Sunshine?
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